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About Jeffrey Sack MD

Jeffrey Sack MD grew up on Long Island, NY. Jeffrey Sack graduated from Rutgers University.

Sack put himself through medical school with photography

Jeffrey Sack grew up on Long Island, NY. Jeffrey Sack’s father was an Air Traffic Controller for the FAA and mother a Ph.D. level Special Education Teacher.

After completing undergraduate with a BA in Economics and SUNY at StonyBrook.

Jeffrey Sack started medical school in 1983 at St. George's University in Grenada. He was there only 9 weeks when the government was overthrown in a coup and the medical students were being held, hostage.

Jeffrey Sack spent 4 days in a bathtub with 3 other students to avoid the bullets. We were rescued by the US Marines and Rangers.

Sack MD completed his studies in the States at Rutgers University. After obtaining his Medical Degree, he went on to a 3-year residency in Internal Medicine at Seton Hall University, School of Medicine.

Jeffrey Sack completed a 3-year fellowship in cardiovascular diseases at the University of Pittsburgh and a 2-year fellowship in Interventional Cardiology at UCLA Medical Center in LA, California.

During Jeffrey Sack multiple residencies and fellowships, he was also the principal author of one of the largest human prospective studies of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

This study compared a new form of CPR, called IAC-CPR with standard CPR. The study was published as a lead article in the JAMA and gained worldwide attention.

Jeffrey Sack in 1995 after completing training to join a practice. The following year he went out on his own and has been in solo practice of cardiovascular diseases for over two decades.

Jeffrey Sack current practice is called Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases, Inc.

On a personal note, Jeffrey Sack put himself through school with photography and it has remained a hobby since childhood. He is also a Certified Flight Instructor and has over 8000 hours flying, 2500 of which as an instructor.

Jeffrey Sack operates one of a dozen companies in the US that certify pilots for flying jet aircraft.

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